This site about pocket calendar cards. This hobby name differently . But as though it did not refer to is the magnificent hobby, allowing "to keep" time
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My name is Tatyana. I collect pocket calendar cards. This homepage is devoted to my collection. Here you can find out a history of my collection which began many years back. Find out calendars of what subjects is at me.. Can visit my small Gallery where the elected calendar cards from my collection are placed, to learn about people having the same hobby, to get acquainted with some facts from a history of a calendar (only in Russian version) and to leave the response in guest.

In my collection now more than 9 thousand calendar cards and their quantity gradually grows.

Many interests, how I store(keep) calendar cards and as in general they can be stored(kept) - I have two (unfortunately only two) special an album, the great bulk of calendar cards lays in boxes on themes (if calendars in a theme a little I use boxes from under sweets) besides I do(make) original albums itself. For this purpose I use thick folders - folders and files. Files I put a line on the sewing machine on branches - pockets. I do(make) a cut(section) and I insert calendar cards (sometimes a thin adhesive tape then I stick a cut(section) that the calendar card did not drop out). It turns out on one file of 8 branches for standard calendar cards, (if the format is more I have calendar cards and I do(make) other proline). If to place so that only a picture of calendar cards were visible, 16 calendar cards enter into one file (at the standard size 100x70). If you want, that the revolution of a calendar too has been seen, will get up to 8 calendar cards. Then these folders I file in a folder on themes and such album turns out. With which it is possible to supplement, since at occurrence of new calendars in a theme, it is very convenient to insert a new file with calendar cards.

The history of my collection began in 1987 when to me it was not executed yet ten years, mum has bought to me a calendar card the next year with a nice dog. By the way, due to this calendar card, not only my hobby has appeared, but I have learned to draw, as many times copied a picture (those years our family lived in Primorski Krai). Mum occasionally bought to me calendar cards as these pretty small cards with cheerful pictures have very much liked me, and I began to collect them. Yes, yes, to collect, as at that time we, I and my friends, collected all successively. So, except for calendar cards, I collected cards, candy wrappers, marks, badges, match labels (hardly later even labels from bottles with lemonade (which tore off lowering(omitting) a bottle in water for some time a bottle) and alcoholic drinks (someone from friends to me has allowed whole to stop of new labels from wine - vodka bottles). From all this variety of children's collections did not remain only candy wrappers, and other small children's collections lay in boxes, reminding about the childhood.

Time on the sly went, but the hobby serious yet was not, though the collection replenished. To me parents bought, and I varied with girlfriends. And one of girlfriends always made an exchange together with mum who as now it seems to me, was the collector. It(she) had huge box where calendars laid in the separate envelopes, disassembled on years and themes. (At this time we lived in Crimea).

The biggest updating of a collection in the childhood occured when we went in holiday. There is enough frequently we flied to Tadjikistan where I at that time lived the grandmother and the grandfather. The plane did(made) landing(planting) in Mineral Waters. At the airport the wonderful small shop where the set of calendars - poured was on sale, volumetric and "smooth" as I then named them was. The circulation of such calendar cards was big, and they are at many collectors. So there was time, and on the sly a collection replenished.

Then, when student's years have begun, updating was the slowest - some pieces in one year and that casual. I did not know collectors absolutely, to vary there was nobody, and on sale there were not so many calendars. (Student's years have passed basically in Vladivostok).

When I began to work (Now I already I live in Saratov), on sale already have appeared more kinds of calendars, and I occasionally bought them. Basic time of purchases - from October till January. Then, when I have married, in updating a collection my husband began to help me. But still there was nobody with whom it was possible to vary. The computer and the Internet has appeared - and I have found adherents. The collection began to grow appreciablly faster, and in the beginning of 2004 it has grown twice, due to my husband whom the gift - purchase of the big collection of calendars has given me.

I wish pleasant further viewing!

Thanks for the shown interest!

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